Issue #22: March ’22

Moon Dancer by Ann Richmond - A beautiful artwork featuring an armoured Hare dancing at the moon. Painted in the artist's unique style... Framing available.

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As a breather from last month’s gargantuan ‘Everyday Miracles’, we’ve gone with something a little smaller for you this month…

But don’t be fooled: ‘Moon Dancer’ went through just as many hurdles, re-thinks & good old-fashioned hand-wringing before Ann was happy with it!

We think it might have something to do with its main subject being a Hare… If you live in our neck of the woods, here on the edge of the Wiltshire Downs, they’re a familiar, blessed sight. It’s little wonder that so many local artists have taken the Hare to their hearts, producing a wealth of amazing work beloved by so many. Ann had a LOT to live up to & we can only hope that the end result bears comparison…

In other news – and following comments gratefully received – we’ve had a rethink on our SMALL & STANDARD print range. From today, we are now offering these sizes with a choice of up to THREE different finishes, across the entire folio. This takes the smallest option to just £20 which might just be perfect for collectors on tight budgets, or buyers looking for an affordable gift option.

This is in support of a little marketing campaign, which we’ve been planning for some time and which – it seems – is still some weeks off. When it goes live, we’ll send you all out an invitation to take-part: Stay Tuned 😉

Okay: let’s get on with it!

Gary & Ann

‘Moon Dancer’

Moon Dancer

Living as I do, so close to the standing stones of Avebury and with the rolling Wiltshire Downs right on my doorstep, it was only a matter of time before I celebrated the wonders found in this little corner of the world. Inspired by the hauntingly beautiful night sky, our ‘Moon Dancer’ can’t help but dance to the rhythm of life…

Surrounded by a string of eerily glowing Physalis, we catch our Hare as he leaps in a dizzying duet with the moon! Yet he’s not alone in this wooded glade… A Fallow Deer watches from the base of a nearby tree, as does an Owl; the Guardian of the Standing Stones. Emerging from the brambles at the foot of the picture, we also have a Stoat, in its wintry ermine coat and lastly, tucked into the folds of turf, is a small Field Mouse: witnesses to the Hare’s enrapture.

There really is magic about the scene: look closely and you’ll spot a cloud of fireflies amidst the stones & the face of a hare in the moon itself! Lastly, in what’s becoming a symbolic tradition of my work, there’s a balloon…

Let’s start with the Hare, shall we? I was VERY pleased with the way this one turned-out; the soft, fluffy tufts of downy fur were particular fiddly to get right! I’m also pleased that his blue harness went smoothly, with its delicate little buckles…

About the Hare, is a string of Physalis, but here imagined as little lanterns that are lighting up our hero as he dances! These came out better than hoped for, too, so expect to see more of these in the future! Also, note the little coloured leaves dangling from the padded top-coat: an echo to the little motifs seen on Night Mail!

Flitting about the Hare’s bobbing feet, is one of my familiar Luna Moths… This view also shows the Hare’s greaves; here engraved & shining in the moonlight!

In the distance we see a trio of standing stones. Enigmatic, mysterious and full of wonder, they are inspired by the nearby stones of Avebury. Have you noticed the tiny cloud of Luna Moths flitting about them?

Now we come to the Moon…

One of the first parts of the work to be completed, I look back now, on how I got this halo effect looking so ‘right’ and can’t remember how I did it!

There’s a Hare ‘hidden’ in there, too: can you spot it?

As with ‘Pearls of Wisdom’, there’s an Owl guardian who watches over the scene and ensures all is well…

… there’s a Fallow Deer, too, that has stopped to take in the spectacle!

I was relieved that this section of the work turned-out okay, as this whole area was the one constant niggle throughout the process… There were many times when I wondered whether I would ever find the answers!

But any problems were smoothed away, when I decided to include a balloon! As the series has expanded, balloons have become a regular – and much loved – feature. In the world we’re building, they represent a moment of MAGIC; of the Universe giving something impetus – a gentle shove – into happening.

At the bottom RH corner we find
brambles, laden with fruit! I mulled this problem awhile;
debating with myself, what I could fill it with…

I went with brambles in the end, knowing how good a delicate silvery moon-glow might look on both leaves & fruits.

At the top edge of the brambles, we find a Stoat, in its white-ermine winter coat…

Its own highly-decorated coat looks fine here, with its gold & turquoise accents.

Last – but not least – we find a little Field Mouse has emerged from a thicket: it seemed the perfect spot to introduce one of these little characters and I couldn’t resist!

As mentioned, we now have… 

– New Print Options –

*  ‘Small’ & ‘Standard’ prints are now available in a lighter ‘White Stock’ paper, in addition to the heavyweight 300GSM already offered. They remain acid-free & use the same archival-grade inks.

*  These new ‘Stock’ prints will be Hand-Monogrammed by Ann, NOT SIGNED.

*  Stock prints will ONLY EVER be available in Open Editions (i.e. un-numbered).

*  Stock prints will also be Un-Mounted, which will make them ideal for clip-frames.

*  Stock prints replace the ‘Mini Prints’ previously available.

*  In addition to offering ‘White Stock’, we’re also pleased to announce that ‘Standard’ prints have an ADDITIONAL option: of printing onto 

CANVAS! Not offered previously at this size, this brings the luxurious, authentic-feeling of canvas to a smaller scale for the first time and might prove popular for customers who want the look-and-feel of canvas, but who just don’t have the wall-space! As with our larger canvas options, we also offer the ability to work with you in getting the work framed, should it be required…

*  Neither ‘White Stock’ or ‘Canvas’ prints will be sold at the Cirencester Craft Fair; these are available ONLINE ONLY. Unfortunately, neither our restricted table-space, nor our little car can handle carrying – and sorting out – a whole other range of prints!

Available NOW


Our hibernation is over!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all at EVERY CRAFT FAIR in Cirencester until THE END OF APRIL, 2022! 

We’ll keep you posted with more dates from May onwards, when we have firm plans…


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