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Acclaimed Fine-Artist Ann Richmond and Digital Artist Gary Hyland ship both Original Artworks and Fine-Art Prints worldwide, from their home studio nestled in a quiet corner of North Wiltshire, UK. We’re grateful that you’ve found your way here and wish you ‘Happy Browsing!’
We have paintings and mugs and just love Ann’s attention to detail and fun subjects. She’s such a talented lady and we hope to add to our collection in future.
Katie Kell
I purchased ‘Windcheetah’ as a small print. It’s adorable and carries a message for me. That I can chase my dreams no matter what lies in my path. This is what Ann’s art does! It speaks to you! The sheer joy of the work comes right through the page! This picture is next to my desk & reminds me that there is more to life and MORE TO ME!
Lucy Gutteridge
I recently purchased 3 beautiful Ann Richmond prints for my home, which my husband & I are VERY happy with. Our friends thought they looked lovely & I will definitely be buying more!!
Sharon Matthews
The Hare arrived beautifully wrapped and I eagerly removed him from his packaging. Printed on very high quality artists’ paper, Harold is fabulous in every way. The framer said “Wow! He’s totally gorgeous. I’ve seen lots, but he’s something special” – says it all. She fell in love with Harold, much like everyone who sees him – and wanted to keep him for herself. Harold is very large, but the definition of the image has not been diminished in any way with enlargement. Moreover, he is striking. There is no doubt Harold is in the room! I am sure all of Ann’s works have the same impact. Harold is a breath of fresh air and fits into my crazy animal world effortlessly – despite being such a big presence. Everyone who enters the room is watched by him; visitors are drawn in by his hypnotic gaze. The quality, attention to detail and Ann’s artistic brilliance are amazing. I highly recommend her work and shall definitely be a returning customer.
Sally Davies
Such beautiful artwork from Ann. So much talent. It’s a privilege to own a piece of her art, I absolutely love it (can’t believe I have it, every time I look at it). In addition, it was a real joy to deal with Gary throughout the purchase process. With the very talented Ann & Gary serving up plenty of confidence through the whole process, both having made it as perfect as is possible for me by the time I received “my” beautiful painting. Though it feels slightly wrong to say “my”, as I feel like the custodian of Ann’s work & very privileged to be so, for as long as it’s in my care..!!
Debbie Gough
I bought a print for my boyfriend’s birthday and he absolutely loves it. The details and colours are just perfect and the print is of high quality. Ann and Gary have been so lovely throughout the purchase process which is the cherry on the cake, with thoughtful touches that we are so grateful for!
Alice Bright
I keep the print near my bed, as it is where I too end up ‘Lost in a Good Book’, reading long past my bedtime. I also drift off dreaming myself into Ann’s fantasy world which seems to grow and expand every week! I’d have all the pictures if my little narrowboat had the space.
Alice Taylor
I don’t have much to say, except your two paintings are hung in pride of place on the walls of my living room!!
Michael Walton
I recently purchased 3 beautiful Ann Richmond prints for my home, which my husband & I are VERY happy with. Our friends thought they looked lovely & I will definitely be buying more!!
Sharon Matthews
Bought multiple fantasy prints for my wife. Each very unique and she loves all individually for differing reasons. They’re all displayed in our front hallway for our guests to admire on entry.
Dean Williams
Ann’s artwork ‘Lost in a Good Book’ has grown on me and my daughter throughout the months. We especially love the back story to the illustration and the letter that has come with it.
When creativity and beautiful artwork combine, something truly magical happens.
Bernard Henin
We love Ann’s fantasy artworks. We love how realistic the animals look and the colours suit our rooms so well! Having a story about the pictures really helps with the fantasy, and it’s easy to imagine the places you have depicted.
Yvonne Sheehy
I love the dreamlike feeling Harvest For The King gives me, I am taken to a magical place far, far away.
Juliet Baxter
We love our beautiful hares; they look right at-home above our fire place, reflecting the ones we see in the fields opposite.
Claire Stokes
I bought ‘Harvest For the King’ for my granddaughter and she is thrilled with it. She absolutely loved the picture when she saw it in the Corn Market in Cirencester and is very happy with her print.
Brenda May

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Ann paints animals wearing ornate armour & Gary unearths wonders with AI. We ship both Original Artworks and our superb Fine-Art Prints worldwide, from the Otherwurlde Studio, here in Wiltshire, Southern England.
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