Issue #16: May, 2021

The Gossamer Thread by Ann Richmond - A beautiful artwork featuring a Dryad and a Lion Fish. Painted in the artist's unique style... Framing available.

Dear Subscriber…

Hello and welcome to Newsletter #16!

This is Ann’s partner, Gary: How’s it going? Hard to believe we’ve got to #16, isn’t it?

Since our last Newsletter, ‘A Gossamer Thread’ has now been completed and is exclusively previewed here: it’s Ann’s most ambitious work in nigh-on three years and we hope you like it!

I should also mention that the Craft Fair at Cirencester’s Corn Hall re-opened three weeks ago and we couldn’t be happier to start meeting you again.

It’s been too long…

Oh, and before I forget, the Hungerford district’s ‘Open Studio’ programme is also up and running as of May 2nd. I’ve got details below, but if you’re keen to view original work or have been curious about Ann’s (chaotic) studio, this is your chance: act now to avoid disappointment as the saying goes.

Okay: on with the show!

‘A Gossamer Thread’

For countless Centuries, the same ritual has been performed: the fair maid leads her Lion Fish down to the Sea. The Navigator can now find its way home, after a life of service leading others.

In returning the favour, The Maiden leads with the slightest of Gossamer Threads; a thread broken in a heartbeat, yet protected by both the leader and the led. It’s a familiar tale, for are we not also leading others – and in turn, are being led – by other Gossamer

Threads of loyalty and faith. Love and duty, that can be broken in an instant if we so choose, yet which we hold sacred. These are the bonds that bind us: and we are all willing participants in the ritual. So ingrained in us, is this need to belong…

…And yet, there are times in life, when you have to break the thread in order to grow and move on. For the experience of life is equal parts pain and pleasure: and that’s the story of this work.

Acceptance and gratitude in a balanced life.

For Centuries, the Maiden’s people have relied on the Lion Fishes for navigation, out on the open sea. The relationship has evolved over time, to one of mutual trust & dependance, but there comes a time for every Navigator, when true freedom is their due.

So it is here.

The Maiden is accompanied in this ritual, by her Fox: the other player in an endless story that re-writes itself with every generation.

To best adapt to a life out-of-water, each Lion Fish wears custom-forged armour, beautifully detailed to the Maiden’s own pattern & design.

You can just make out the little brass ring, on which the Gossamer Thread is tied. At this point, the thread is symbolic only, for both the fish & maiden can snap it at any time.

A view showing some of the intricate mechanics of the armour. Can you also make out the brass rod, rising from its back and connecting to the balloon?

To get the right look for the balloon, we researched the French Sci-Fi master Jules Verne. In books such as ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ & ‘Mysterious Island’, balloons were crucial in adding credibility to Verne’s ideas and their look – so different to modern air-balloons – felt perfect for inclusion here.

Below the lookout tower can just be seen the remnants of a rock-carving of a Lion Fish! As I said, this ritual has been going on for countless centuries and will continue for as long as the Maiden’s people need guidance, be it on the Sea, or in life…

Let’s just take a moment to savour the lush vegetation
that Ann painted into the background. So many hours spent working on leaves, fronds & butterflies!

The Butterflies work very well, not only in leading the eye around the picture, but in adding little punches of colour amidst the greenery.

Hovering over the scene, is a Military Parrot: a real species, with amazingly varied plumage. And in its claws, sits an engraved ‘Pearl of Wisdom’, straight from one of Ann’s earlier pictures.

And last – but not least – we have another kind of balloon & ribbon, drifting lazily through the scene: not the first time that one of these has appeared in Ann’s work!

Back in mid-February, we announced on Instagram & Facebook, the first of what we hope will be a regular promotion: a giveaway draw, free to all current subscribers of this Newsletter.

The inaugural prize? A unique Artist’s Proof of ‘Pearls of Wisdom’. Made when assessing colour grades at the printer, such proofs are never intended for sale: but we thought someone might like it…

Then, roughly a month ago we had our second draw, for an Artist’s Proof of ‘Lost in a Good Book’. As before, the image is 30cm x 30cm and will come rolled in a tube; no mounts for this one, but there’s a generous white border for a framer to work with.

So, to the draw, then… I used a random number generator to pick the winning entry from our mailing list and came up with:

Keith & Marina Baker

Unfortunately, as of the time of this writing (and after a few emails), we’ve not heard back from them!

So, Keith & Marina? If you see this, you have until May 10th to respond, after which time the prize goes back into the pot and a new draw is made!

And to all those who didn’t win? The best of luck, for next time…

Oh, and if YOU know someone, who might like the sort of stuff we’re doing these days, tell them about the draw and have them enter the list here!

Well, here’s a thing…

I’m glad to report that we’ve just had our third outing back at the Corn Hall in Cirencester! It went very well, with lots of returning faces and stories to share. Ann’s new work, painted during the last Lockdown has been received with open arms and we look forward to showcasing ‘Gossamer Thread’ to you all this coming weekend!

Long may it continue!

Ann Richmond Studio
44 Whittonditch Road

tel. (01672) 520293

I’ve made a little gallery out of what’s usually my ‘print room’; the place where I assemble
framed work and store the materials needed to get Ann’s work out to the World.

We’ve crammed all-sorts into this space: signed prints in our usual sizes, plus some rare originals that seldom see the light of day.

Open Sun – Thurs, 10.30 – 4.30.

No Appointments necessary.

Outdoor seating for appraisals.

With no access to the rest of the house, surfaces cleaned between visits and ample ventilation, the space is as ‘safe’ as any other ‘non-essential’ retail space now re-open.



More SOON!

Well, that’s it for now: thanks for having made it this far!

Until next time, Ann & I wish you well and we look forward to seeing & hearing more from you in the weeks to come!

Stay Safe and Here’s to Saturdays-to-Come in the Corn Hall!

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