Issue #13: Feb, 2021

Pearls of Wisdom by Ann Richmond - A haunting artwork featuring an armoured Eagle Owl. Painted in the artist's unique style... Framing available.

Dear Subscriber…

Hello and welcome to our 13th Newsletter! This is Ann’s partner, Gary: How are you all doing?

Well, we’ve made it to the Baker’s Dozen!

After the housekeeping feel of our last outing, it’s back to the Fantasy work today, with the release of Ann’s latest: ‘Pearls of Wisdom’.

Pearls of wha…?

There’s a LOT going on in this one, so rather than dazzle you with the whole thing at the outset, allow me to set the scene…

Remember this pair of wanderers from a few months ago?

‘Strangers in a Strange Land’ we called them and with good reason. Little wonder, they’re using a guide to help them cross the treacherous lake and avoid the mountains!

Well, their journey continues…

Except NOW, they’ve arrived at a crossroads and it would seem they’ve been unable to avoid the mountains after all!

One road leads to a sunlit ravine, overlooked by a remote castle…

The other, leads to a stormy-looking mountain pass.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that there’s clearly both a WRONG and a RIGHT choice…

…but nothing in life is as it seems!

For who knows what will await us, when we finally arrive at our destination?

The Sun might be shining today, but tomorrow?

So, back to our intrepid travellers.

What to do? 

Luckily, they’re not alone!

For the Eagle Owl sentinel watches over all who pass through.

Most know where they’re going, but for those who are unsure, he sends-out runic messages on the breeze.

Gossamer balls of light and hope, to guide those who are ready to listen…

What’s more, we’ve inscribed these precious pearls with real Anglo-Saxon runes. They translate into English, but I’m not going to reveal it here! If you buy any of the prints at Small-size and above, then you’ll receive one of our story cards with all the clues revealed!

‘Pearls of Wisdom’

I LOVE the Owl’s head-piece, don’t you?

It went through a few changes before we got to this point, but the end result, with its variety of tones & textures, works well.

There are more runes on the Owl’s wing-covers…

Again, each one spells out phrases, but no clues here!

Aside from the fluffy neck feathers (a detail that took Ann days to paint), she’s also pleased with the little gold ring on one of its talons and the Celtic Knot scribed out of the lichen covered milepost.


More SOON!

Well, that’s it for now: thanks for having made it this far!

Until next time, Ann & I wish you well and we look forward to seeing & hearing more from you in the weeks to come!

Stay Safe and Here’s to Saturdays-to-Come in the Corn Hall!

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